about Tofino Internet Services Ltd.

The corporation is jointly and equally owned by Sarah and John Platenius. Under this umbrella, we work at a number of different things:

about john platenius

I'm currently enrolled in Teacher's College and will be a certified teacher in January 2020.

I have been running a web consultancy for many years: I love doing the best job that I can for advertising, marketing and website management clients in the tourism industry. I hold professionalism in very high regard.

But I do have a life outside of my office.

When I'm not teaching, studying or staring at the screen I enjoy adventuring with my family. Sarah and I have two kids (Reed, age 17; Chloe, age 15). We're all hikers, surfers, boaters, bikers and campers -- often times we combine these all into one adventure! I've been fortunate to explore Clayoquot Sound, my wild and expansive backyard, via foot, Boston Whaler, Zodiac, quad, oyster skiff, bicycle, canoe, float plane and unicycle. And I'm looking forward to more...

Below is my abbreviated, recent past. For a lengthier version, go here.)

A snippet of my last few years of fortune:


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